Friday, January 10, 2014

Are YOU Ready for Some Football?

We are so excited for NFL football this weekend!

If you are a football fan you know how much fun the playoffs are.
We've planned some of our routine activities around the game schedules but everything else will have to wait.
Clearly this is the perfect opportunity for us to try a new appetizer!
 I wanted to share with you what I have planned.   

Bacon wrapped in blue cheese/stuffed in dates!

I've added the link above so you can read the entire recipe. It looks amazing and was highly recommended to me.  A friend of mine serves this as part of her Thanksgiving tradition.
I'm ready for some football are you?
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  1. I was so bummed about the Saints losing, but hoping the Broncos can pull off a win against the Patriots next week. No matter who gets there, it's sure to be a great Super Bowl match up this year. I'm dying over this appetizer- how did it turn out?

  2. I agree. Brees completed 24 of 43 passes for 309 yards and one touchdown. It just wasn’t enough. Yeah, next weekend promises to be another two good games and something to look forward to. The big question, can Payton beat Brady/Belichick? We'll be watching!
    Amy, you need to try this appetizer. It’s quick and easy to make, the dates create a rich sweet taste, the blue cheese brings the sharp and salty and then wrapped in layers of smoky bacon. AMAZING!

    Thanks for stopping by...Cynnie