Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fitness Challenge....

As the new year begins everyone makes their New Year's resolutions.  Studies show that "getting fit" is typically top of the resolution list.  My philosophy is to make "intentions" rather than resolutions and then try one day at a time to follow the plan. 

This year my top intention is to receive the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). Please read about the President's Challenge and see if it's something you might be interested in. 

Fortunately I am surrounded by inspiration ...

             Our son-in-law, Blake is a successful competitive cyclist.

                      I can't imagine competing at this pace.  Go Blake!

       Natalie's boyfriend, Chris participated and placed in his first triathlon in 2010.

This fitness blog was written in loving memory of Ross Laybourn my mentor, father and good friend.  He instilled in all of us the secret to life is daily exercise and the importance of sunshine and good night sleep!

Resolutions or intentions I hope this year you find a fitness program that provides you the secret to a happy and healthy 2011!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The child in you....

I recently found a fun and interesting website called Colorstology.  It's written by Michele Burnhardt and designed by Dann Gershon and none other than the fabulous Pantone!  In the introduction they explain that the sun sign offers insights into your personality and nature, their theory is according to your birth date you have a a true color that is the real you. Take the time to read the introduction I found it to be entertaining and insightful.

If you recall in an earlier blog, I mentioned the new 2011 Pantone color honeysuckle.  I went on to tell the story of my first paint color choice at the age of 11 was magenta pink.  When writing I had no knowledge of what my true color selection was. So you can imagine when I searched my birthday and found my personal color to be virtual pink I feel out of my chair with delight. So I knew my true color as a child?

 They continue to say that while your favorite color changes and evolves over the years your true color is constant.  As you can see on my results page, they also define me as an explorer, restless and spiritual.
With that said, this news had me reeling. I looked in my closet there's not a pink garment hanging.  As I walked through the house looking for pink, I found nothing.  It's Saturday morning in Austin, I'm waiting for the sun to rise. I can hear the rain outside that we need so desperately.  It's going to be a great day, because sitting on the counter is my first can of Farrow & Ball paint.  The color, wait for it.....Pink Ground!  While it's not magenta or honeysuckle It's a start...

What is your true color?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Austin in Winter

There's no place I would rather be in the winter months than in Austin, Texas. This last month Southwest Airlines was running a special rate of $59.00 to travel anywhere through February.  While I thought about taking advantage of the cheaper rate I ultimately declined.  I came to the realization "why would I leave Austin in the winter?"  SO TRUE! 

 This is our view from our front door.  Isn't the color on this tree magnificent!

In December we had the opportunity to stay at the Four Season's located in downtown Austin.
If your traveling to Austin we would highly recommend this spa and resort.  It's located on the green banks of Lady Bird Lake and the renowned entertainment district.  You will be able to walk wherever you would like to visit.

Four Seasons Hotel Austin > Outdoor pool > Welcome to Four Seasons Hotel Austin.

This view is from the opposite side of the lake.

Four Seasons Hotel Austin > View across Town Lake to hotel and downtown > At Four Seasons, you enjoy a unique vantage point from which to explore the sights, sounds and experiences around you.

When you step into the lobby you know you've entered a Texas landmark.  The hotel is decorated in a rustic chic theme.  Wild flowers fill the room with cowhide chairs and thick worn furniture.  Many Texas flags flank the walls coupled with the amazing art work.

Four Seasons Hotel Austin > The Lobby

We arrived around 4 pm in time to walk the grounds before the sunset.  The temperature was sunny and 75 degrees. 

The grounds are well kept and despite it being winter plants are still in bloom.

 During our visit we saw many individuals taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  Folks were sitting outside reading their books or enjoying a walk or run on the trails that wrap around the lake. 

Now let's enter the Four Seasons lobby. The hotel is decorated in it's traditional grandeur for the holidays and its so beautiful. Almost every guest stops in front of the red tree to have their picture taken.

The decorations are everywhere!

Even the wild game is decorated in Austin style.

The lobby bar is always open for service!

It's a warm and inviting room that too overlooks the lake.  

 Four Seasons Hotel Austin > Lobby Lounge

The bar lobby has a unique eclectic atmosphere you will feel confortable planning your shopping day, signing a big contract or do as we did last year by announcing a wedding with friends and family!

(Photo: left, Sonny and Jennie Krause, Blake and Meredith, me and Gary)

The Texas feel continues throughout the hotel.

Our room was located on the city side we had a wonderful view of downtown.

As the night fell over the city the lights began to shine.

During our visit we were able to sit outside on the heated veranda with many couples sipping wine and enjoying each others company into the evening.  I will cherish our memories from the Four Seasons for many "winters" to come..... Happy New Year from Austin!

Four Seasons Hotel Austin > Trio's outdoor terrace