Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell Oprah

On September 8, 1986, the first national episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast into homes across America. Now, 25 years later, Oprah steps onto the stage for the last time to share her greatest lessons and hopes for her viewers.

I'm amazed at the way we needed and loved you!

 Oprah Winfrey waves during  'The Oprah Winfrey Show Finale'
I thank you Oprah for our journey together, your words of wisdom 
always took me home. 
All have a great Memorial Day with family and friends!
Much love, Cynnie

Monday, May 16, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To My Pear!

Do you ever photo shop before you make a selection?
Oh… I do.
 First, I took a picture of my blank kitchen wall.  I then copied and pasted in different art work.  This way I could get an idea of what we might like to feature.

I knew I wanted pears in the kitchen but I didn't know what shape, color or size.

I almost purchased this one until someone said,
"don't you think that looks just like a woman's fanny?"
Oh my gosh they were right!

During a visit to San Antonio we found our pear. 
It's simple, traditional, but with a touch of bling.

After hanging the pear I quickly realized I needed some additional "bug gut" green in the room.  So, I recovered the newly stained chairs with a Schumacher fabric. I purchased the fabric from Amanda at Spruce.

At this point I thought the room was coming together. 
However, every time I walked into the room the wall would scream,
"Don't you think I would look incredible painted charcoal?" 

Now let me introduce to you to my PEAR!

The charcoal back drop made such a difference 
with the painting.

Next on my to-do list is to change out the white ceiling fan.
It's always a work in progress!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

There's Something About Mari



 This week our local newspaper the Austin American Statesman featured Mari Johnson in the Lifestyle section.  The article reflected on Mari's thoughts about having a room at home to yourself. Mari suggest this room needs to be a place to be creative or to rejuvenate. This room for Mari is her home office.


Her cozy office is 11 foot by 11 foot room in the back wing of her five bedroom house
and it truly reflects everything French!


Clarification from a previous blog this door is decoupaged with antique lithograph by artist, Ted Cheavens for Revial by Design (13308 Texas 71 W.  512-263-4182).  More about Revial in future blog updates.



 These photos show off her desk with the natural colors and glass table as it lightens up the room.  The article quotes Mari about creating contrast and comfort, Mari says she relies on how the opposites attract decorating concept, by pitting the streamlined modern desk and glass side table against the half-window drape, khaki with French blue accents and cinched to create fullness and floor length oyster linen slip-covered desk chair.


                              What would a French room be without Eiffel Tower statues!


Mari believes that you must absolutely love everything in your room
or it shouldn't be there. 


On her desk you can find letter-size Paris file folders you too can purchase these at Paper Source - a set of 12 for $16.95.


I knew when we were introduced there was something special about Mari.
 Congratulations Mari what a lovely honor and article showcasing your passion and talent!

C'est Excellent ! Très bien !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Black and Blue....

This poor tired room!  At one time we fondly referred to it as "the front room". For years this room was filled with laughter this is where Meredith and Natalie grew up hanging out.  They watched TV and created dance performances to name a few activities. 

Once the girls went off to college Gary staked his claim. When doing so he also announced it required a much needed face lift.  His first request was to rename the room to   "Gary's Office".  Second, he wanted (not photographed) the Bailey Irish Cream paint color changed to  white.  He also wanted the theme to be changed to Austin music. So it began.  I immediately had the carpet replaced with hardwoods. I framed and hung the photographs of live music venues that Gary and I attended over the years.

Another wall has an art collection of signed posters by Danny Garrett and other Austin artists.

Recently the girls and I encouraged Gary that the room needed to be taken up a notch, so, the day bed found a new well deserving home. 

I recently acquired my grandfather's lawyers bookshelf and promptly moved it into the room.  At this point my  plan was falling into place.  I would paint the walls a light gray with an industrial flair.

What became a big surprise to me was Gary still thinks it's his room.  The light gray walls were not in my future.  We did agree  on one thing, the white walls had to go.  Yeah!

I started researching blogs and magazines to find the Gary and Cynthia style.  Gary felt that the new blues might be the answer.  With paint brush in hand I painted a wall in Drawing Room Blue by Farrow and Ball. 


Gary and I thought this could be a color we could live with. 

I painfully painted the entire room blue, not once but twice!

After doing so I finally came to the conclusion this would not work!
The blue choice was too purple and to me the only way this would work was to add chocolate brown furniture.  This wasn't a direction I was willing to take. 
Thank heavens Gary agreed.

 So out came the blogs and the ladder again.

Still interested in the Farrow and Ball color pallet we selected a color named Black and Blue.  What I've realized during this exercise is Gary has a much more contemporary style than I realized.  I decided this room would need to incorporate his style in the paint color. 

Here's the same wall with Farrow and Ball's Black and Blue.
A contemporary lamp and his selected artwork brought in from another room

Oh lord!  I just wanted a light gray.................  This is so dark! 

But this is the fourth layer of paint in a matter of weeks... I keep painting.

When the natural day light hits the walls the blue does shine through. 

I clearly have a design block with these black walls, but I hear Melissa from Pottery Barn say
 "you need a plan".

Out come the magazines and blogs yet again.

The following photos I've gathered are in hope to get inspiration for our new direction.

Now this is an interesting direction


                              Could I pull in my beloved gray in the furniture?
                                              I love the herringbone rug.

Could I hang some of the art work over our desk?


Maybe I could bring in the industrial look after all?

                                        Traditional with black walls looks awesome.


Contemporary with traditional and industrial layered together.

                                            Black wall color with a French twist!


This is a work in progress.  I will keep you updated on our new direction. 
Today I 'm Black and Blue!