Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Finally, the wedding day is here!

The Princess wore a classic wedding dress as we all could perdict.  An elegant Alexander McQueen dress (by the brand's creative director Sarah Burton).  The long-sleeve, lace gown with an 8-foot-long train was perfectly suited for Kate ( clarification, Princess Katherine).  The dress has the understated chic style that we will watch evolve over time.  The critics will have their thoughts but at the end of the day it's her dress and she wore it with grace and ease! 
I personally loved it!

Pottery Barn Class

Jennie and Susan joined me early on a Sunday morning at our local Pottery Barn. We enjoyed having the store to ourselves with our instructor Melissa.  Melissa explained how we could arrange for a free consultation with our Pottery Barn Design Studio Specialists in any of their stores. Honestly,  I had know idea that Pottery Barn has interior designers available to assist with all decorating and entertaining needs.  All you need to do is stop by the store to set up an initial in-store consultation. 

The Pottery Barn team is available to come to your home and offers complimentary design  ideas. They'll help you measure and take photos. They then will provide you a designed plan before you order your custom pieces. Melissa reminded us before setting an appointment to simplify the process we should create our own design book by using the Pottery Barn catalog.  The book should feature the styles or a specific look that we're wanting to create. I'm taking queue from Melissa and starting my dream book today!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Who says your too old for a good old fashion Easter egg hunt!
Meredith and Natalie hunting Easter eggs with their childhood baskets.

This isn't any Easter egg hunt. 
We found gold and silver eggs!
These weren't filled with candy these were filled with good old fashion money!
....and the winner Mrs. Meredith Krause!

Hmmm.. I wonder who the real Easter bunny is...

Left to right, back row: Amy, Holly, Blake, Meredith.
Front row: Sonny, Georgia and Jennie.

Gary and Cynthia enjoy the Krause's beautiful backyard!

Welcome Brodie. 
The newest member to the Krause family a rescued puppy.

To a wonderful day. 

We are so blessed

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Field of Dreams

Come with us for a day of shopping.

Jennie and I took the opportunity to shop with Mari Johnson the owner of Back Home.
 We climbed on the "Elegant" bus before the sun was up to ride in style, our destination Round Top, Texas.

Please meet our host for the day Mari Johnson.

It was difficult trying to capture a decent photo while juggling a mimosa as the bus was moving! 

Mid-morning the sun arrived as ordered and we found ourselves making our first purchase. I was excited to find a trophy cup that was on my wish list. 

This was the turning point of the day and it just kept getting better and better. 
Jennie's smile captured in this photo says it all!

One of our shopping buddies took home one of these chandeliers.

Actually it was this one on the left!  Wonderful

This booth was french, formal and lots of gold..... 

Before I stepped into this booth I had an inspiration for my blush bathroom.  It's vintage and natural and everything silver.  Silver tea pots to hold flowers and muted paintings to go with a burlap shower curtain.  When we stepped in this booth, I whispered to Jennie "I'm over the tea pot look".

 Mari in action multi-tasking, talking, shopping and buying at a rapid pace!

We made our way across the alley to another one of Mari's favorite vendors.


  The large tin with a glass topper was a creative display table.
(I featured this photo for you, Cindy)

An interesting industrial wheel

another view of the same booth

We followed the group to the next booth, here everyone purchased necklaces.

This camera collection caught my eye. 

more cameras

How about a stool to be used as a table?

Exhausted, tired and hot we return to Austin. 

Floor to ceiling treasures surround us.

We celebrate our wonderful day with a nice chilled glass of wine.

OK, ladies who bought what?

David who works at the store greets us in the parking lot, can't you read his mind?
"Lady, you think your going to put that chair in that BMW"? 

With her hand on her hip, yep I sure am!  Classic photo!

Thank you Sandra for keeping us organized and moving throughout the day.

That completes our day of shopping in a field of dreams.
We're "Back Home" in Austin.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet and Greet - The Backyard

The Johnson's beautiful backyard!

I love the industrial metal plant containers mixed with the typical Texas terra cotta.

This slightly elevated area off to the side screems "come sit" and enjoy!

The roses are in full bloom.

The ivy covered wall adds the overall softness to the area.

A special thank you to Sonny and Jennie Krause for sharing a wonderful evening!

Come back and join Jennie and I on our "Field of Dreams" tour to Round Top Texas!