Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

The house was decorated.

We watched football games in front of our burning fire.

Natalie was home!

We hung Skippy on the tree!
I was 5 years old when my God Mother gave Skippy to me as a Christmas gift. 
Skippy has hung on our Christmas tree ever since and continues to bring joy each year.

What would Christmas be without cookies?

We shared an appetizer while watching Mid-night in Paris.

It was a magical Christmas we were home and together.

Gary played Santa!

Natalie treated all the girls with adorable monkey socks,

Meredith and Blake "belted out" a Christmas carol around the tree. (not, so fake!)

I also love the choir boys decoration from my childhood. 
Growing up the boys were displayed each Christmas on my mother's piano.

We hope your holiday was filled with love and laughter.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Shutters

The shutters arrived and I started painting the natural wood.  I first painted each side twice with a tinted oil base primmer.  (The oil base was painted in the garage last weekend.  It's turned chilly so I moved inside to complete the work.)

Then I did 3 coats of exterior paint by Restoration Hardware the color is Flint.

Finally they are finished and ready to be hung.

We trimmed the existing plants that flank the office windows in preparation.

Gary decided "oh what the heck" let's just take them out.

The shutters are hung and the plants are removed.  Next I'll be looking for exterior lights to replace the old ones on either side of the garage.

In addition we will be adding new plants in the spring.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We kicked off the holiday by enjoying our Thanksgiving with family hosted by Ron and Carolyn.  Their beautiful home is located on Lake McQueeney in New Braunsfels, Texas.

The weather was amazing so we were able to spend our day on the porch with the lake as our view.

What a perfect location to spend the day swinging.

Ron and Carolyn have built a pump that cycles the water from the lake.
You can hear the waterfall as you walk down to the lake.  A little slice of heaven!

Starting left; me, our mother-in-law Reinette and Carolyn my sister-in-law

Far left; our Daddy Billy, Ron and happy Gary

Our Carolyn is such an amazing cook!

Yea baby the food is on the table

Everything is perfect except we miss our Natalie. 
Meredith takes a turn to tell her she's missed and loved.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gruppo Industriale Busnelli

This living room from Gruppo Industiale Busnelli in all white is stunning. The upholstrey fabric designed with tufting and flowing fabric is like an evening dress. 

They also feature a more tailored option.

Busnelli is a successful Company since more than 50 years, a history where innovation technology and quality represent a winning union.  If you haven't check out their website to see their full line of products.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lighting Trends

I continue to be fascinated with interior lighting.  I see a growing trend with size and shapes. Should lighting be the focal point of our rooms? 

Here is an example from Santiago Oritz via Ortiz Mexia Projects.  Santiago is a new architech who is the buzz of the L.A. design scene. 

Good Neighbors

He's used lighting as the art of the room. How will you incorporate lighting in your home?

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Daily Delight

Look what caught my eye this week.....

First is the Luna, a solid brass globe from Downtown it's hand made from Los Angeles. The light is 22" in diameter made of  solid vintage brass with glass.

From Downtown is the Equis Consolt table made in 22 KT Gold over iron inset marble.

Also, a hand made aged solid brass beveled glass eclipse cocktail table.

A Tournesol Mirror inspired by the sunflowers of The South Of France.  The mirror is handcarved oak frame and hand silvered rolled glass.

Below is an Interpretation of Frances Elkins it's also available as a side chair or arm chair.  The finish can be customed lacquered in any Benjamin Moore color.

Have a great weekend!
I will be painting the shutters!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Front Door Part II


Recently I painted the door trim Slate to get an idea of what it might look like on the house.  I finally came to the conclusion Slate didn't complement our roof well enough.  So I repainted the trim Flint.  Once I painted the trim the same color as the door it made our tiny entry look larger. 

Surprise! The current shutter color in the running is not Black or Slate. 
Hhhmmm now I need to find just the "right" lantern.  BLAH!

I wish you all a great weekend!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cote de Texas - entitled "Incredible Renovation" Part II

If you haven't already you must click to Joni's blog Cote de Texas and view this 20 year old foreclosed home located in Sugarland, Texas.  The homeowner has done an "incredible renovation".



The landscape has been cleaned up and refreshed by a row of boxwood bushes.  The house trim was repainted with a darker khaki color from the previous beige. 

What a difference!  These two photos illustrate what a good curb appeal can truly accomplish.

We continue to have a tied vote at our house, will we paint our shutters Black or Slate?  Yikes, they arrive next week and we haven't finalized our decision.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Inspired 19 C French Empire Crystal Chandelier

Here is our original ceiling fan in the office.

A closer night shot (note: one light burned out, nice).

For those of you who follow Sunday Loft know that
I have been wanting a chandelier for our office.
I found just the right one during our Round Top trip. 


  Ooh lala. It looks amazing with the black/blue walls.

The room is so small it's impossible to get a good shot. 

I love the way the crystals sparkle through the upper windows at night.

This light looks similar don't you think?
This is newly featured in the Restoration Hardware catalog.
It's one of their new French chandeliers offered!

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