Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Dining Room

Here photographed is a picture of my parents cherry wood dining room furniture that we inherited.  At the time our dining room was painted a Ralph Lauren dark brown. The floors were covered with wall to wall builders grade carpet topped with a way too small rug. 

We pulled the carpet up and had dark walnut hardwoods laid. I then painted the walls with a flax color from  Restoration Hardware and reupholstered the chairs with a flocked tapestry fabric. We hung white lines drapes from Pottery Barn.  This is when I realized it was time to tackle the project that I had been procrastinating for sometime.  To refinish the furniture which is why several of the chairs are missing from the photo.  The long painful process begins.  

I removed all the items from the hutch and completed staining two of the chairs with Bartley gel stain.  Each chair has been applied with 10 coats of espresso colored stain.  I painted the light fixture with Metallic Master silver paint.

 I've completed staining all 6 chairs and reupholstered each with an apple green microfiber fabric.  I was thrilled when I realized I could detach the hutch piece from the cabinet with little to no effort.  The country style continues to disappear from the room. 

I repainted the walls in pale silver by Restoration Hardware and finished the table.

I experimented more with Metallic Master silver paint.  I was unable to find hardware that matched in another finish. So I brave the art of refinishing the originals.

I painted the ceiling medallion with the silver paint to finish the look.

The cabinet and hardware are complete.  Also I refurbished an old mirror we purchased some thirty years ago by painting it silver for a cohesive style throughout the room.

This room has been a true labor of love and has created a spring board to finding my true design style.

                            Before                                                   After

I'm currently searching for the perfect rug but until then we have a fresh new room to entertain family and friends. 

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