Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet and Greet - The Study

Come with us as we tour Mari Johnson's study. As you enter Mari's home this is the view from the entry way. The glass desk is perfectly centered in front of the amazing backyard view.

Oh, I'm a fool for this zebra rug!

Check out this thick framed mirror!

The silver lamp shade adds the bling needed for this room and flatters the silver legs holding the glass desk.

Placed in a corner is a bookshelf filled with yet more interesting objects. Centered over the top shelf is a fun black and white photo instead of placing traditional pieces. I recently purchased a green vase like this one photographed on the mantle.... I am inspired to fill mine with a similar branch.

(I picture Mari cutting the flowered branch from her backyard just before we arrived!)

If you don't like the way the your fireplace looks in the summer, cover it up!

Capital L for LOVE the simplistic clean but sophiticated mantle display.

Hello!  What a fun way to display painfully successful metals of completed marathons!

It's Austin, Texas we hook em on horns of course!

Please come back as we will feature more rooms!

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