Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet and Greet - The Interior Finale

Let's enter Mari's teenage daughters room, a lesson on how to do pink sophistication!

... and yet another chandelier

The ceramic flowers above the bed add texture to the monochromatic color palette.

An acrylic table holds those favorite friends photos. 

We move next door to the beautiful guest room. The wall paint color is rich and warm and would invite any world traveler.

Except for the bee hive that sits over the bed!  Yikes!

Here sits a simple metal table flanking the bed.

If you have an extra iron display place it on a table.  If it covers up a mirror "who cares" it will add another layer of interest.

This bedside area is so simple but so right.

This house just keeps going with extra bedrooms.
In this room the hand painted aged door was a show stopper.

A cozy area to display family memorabilia.

A bathroom sink mixes the contemporary with the rustic charm.

Last but not least even the utility room is decortated. A simple common wicker theme makes chores seem more enjoyable.

This completes our interior tour. I hope you enjoyed the Johnson's home as much as I did.  
Come back I will be featuring the amazing backyard!

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