Thursday, April 21, 2011

Field of Dreams

Come with us for a day of shopping.

Jennie and I took the opportunity to shop with Mari Johnson the owner of Back Home.
 We climbed on the "Elegant" bus before the sun was up to ride in style, our destination Round Top, Texas.

Please meet our host for the day Mari Johnson.

It was difficult trying to capture a decent photo while juggling a mimosa as the bus was moving! 

Mid-morning the sun arrived as ordered and we found ourselves making our first purchase. I was excited to find a trophy cup that was on my wish list. 

This was the turning point of the day and it just kept getting better and better. 
Jennie's smile captured in this photo says it all!

One of our shopping buddies took home one of these chandeliers.

Actually it was this one on the left!  Wonderful

This booth was french, formal and lots of gold..... 

Before I stepped into this booth I had an inspiration for my blush bathroom.  It's vintage and natural and everything silver.  Silver tea pots to hold flowers and muted paintings to go with a burlap shower curtain.  When we stepped in this booth, I whispered to Jennie "I'm over the tea pot look".

 Mari in action multi-tasking, talking, shopping and buying at a rapid pace!

We made our way across the alley to another one of Mari's favorite vendors.


  The large tin with a glass topper was a creative display table.
(I featured this photo for you, Cindy)

An interesting industrial wheel

another view of the same booth

We followed the group to the next booth, here everyone purchased necklaces.

This camera collection caught my eye. 

more cameras

How about a stool to be used as a table?

Exhausted, tired and hot we return to Austin. 

Floor to ceiling treasures surround us.

We celebrate our wonderful day with a nice chilled glass of wine.

OK, ladies who bought what?

David who works at the store greets us in the parking lot, can't you read his mind?
"Lady, you think your going to put that chair in that BMW"? 

With her hand on her hip, yep I sure am!  Classic photo!

Thank you Sandra for keeping us organized and moving throughout the day.

That completes our day of shopping in a field of dreams.
We're "Back Home" in Austin.

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