Saturday, May 7, 2011

There's Something About Mari



 This week our local newspaper the Austin American Statesman featured Mari Johnson in the Lifestyle section.  The article reflected on Mari's thoughts about having a room at home to yourself. Mari suggest this room needs to be a place to be creative or to rejuvenate. This room for Mari is her home office.


Her cozy office is 11 foot by 11 foot room in the back wing of her five bedroom house
and it truly reflects everything French!


Clarification from a previous blog this door is decoupaged with antique lithograph by artist, Ted Cheavens for Revial by Design (13308 Texas 71 W.  512-263-4182).  More about Revial in future blog updates.



 These photos show off her desk with the natural colors and glass table as it lightens up the room.  The article quotes Mari about creating contrast and comfort, Mari says she relies on how the opposites attract decorating concept, by pitting the streamlined modern desk and glass side table against the half-window drape, khaki with French blue accents and cinched to create fullness and floor length oyster linen slip-covered desk chair.


                              What would a French room be without Eiffel Tower statues!


Mari believes that you must absolutely love everything in your room
or it shouldn't be there. 


On her desk you can find letter-size Paris file folders you too can purchase these at Paper Source - a set of 12 for $16.95.


I knew when we were introduced there was something special about Mari.
 Congratulations Mari what a lovely honor and article showcasing your passion and talent!

C'est Excellent ! Très bien !

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