Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fond Memories of Super Bowl 2013

Hello everyone, it's Super Sunday!

This time last year we were all brought together 
on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate Daddy Billy's 90th birthday.

Gary with his sister Claudia sharing another special day.

On Super Bowl Sunday the family football die hearts staked 
out chairs in one of the many bars. 

 Claudia and I smuggled in pizza from another food courts and we had a BIG time.

Our favorite Super Bowl party EVER!

Seriously the game really didn't really matter because we were all together!
Ron and Billy there isn't a day we don't miss you.

Thanks for stopping by ~


  1. What a lovely blog. Thank you so much for capturing it for those of us who couldn't be there!

  2. Awe... You're so sweet. Every Super Bowl I will think of our Billy boy.