Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's get a little happy...

Jennie and I go to Round Top!

On my wish list for the day was to find 2 planters for our front porch.  Immediately, we found these 2 urns and agreed the legs, color and design would be perfect.   Sold.

We saw this fun Easter display.

We admired the Carolyn Westbrook bedding showcased in khaki and a dark mushroom.

Burlap lighting was a new trend...

...and bottles made of chrome.

We saw a lot of displays filled with cement objects.

We found a barn filled with pendent lighting.

Round metal tables in all sizes were everywhere.

Coral displays were alive and well.

I dream the planters I purchased earlier could be filled with boxwood's.

more tables

and more tables


We found the olive baskets!

We also saw very large green bottles new this time.


We loved these baskets stacked.

On the right house these large metal numbers could be really cool.

I thought about taking this cabinet home for the study.

I got my "happy"...the planters are perfect!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Loving those huge metal numbers! And, of course, I'm obsessed w/ the planters! Looks soooo good!! xoxo