Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily Delight

Once I get the house repainted I will be layering in fabrics so today I went looking for  inspiration but didn't find anything. I was looking for a yellow and gray French floral fabric. Then I was reminded of a decorating rule suggesting your home should model what you wear.  Oh no! I don't wear yellow!  So why would I think I would enjoy living in it?  Does your home reflect your wardrobe?

I did find this lovely photo of yellow and gray colors on My Design Chic.

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Once I studied the chairs in this photo I had to laugh.  I forgot I do own something yellow. 
My favorite solid yellow purse!

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I typically gravitate towards black, white and gray solid fabrics with pops of coral, blue or kiwi. My style is traditional with masculine lines topped with a simple touch of vintage bling.

Am I thinking this too much or should I simply create rules based on my wardrobe? I guess my gray walls with black doors and white trim didn't happen by accident!

The trip to the fabric store was inspirational!
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