Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 2011 color is...

The hot new fashion and home trend for 2011 is the color honeysuckle, a vibrant pink!
My understanding is this trend will be combined with warm and cool colors to create a global palette. 

Interesting enough when I was in the 6th grade around the age of 11, I requested (or the real truth I begged until I wore my poor mother down)  to paint my room what was then called magenta. 
(For the record, magenta is a brilliant purplish pink, honeysuckle is a vibrant redish pink.)

Regardless, a color very similair to honeysuckle.  My mother finally gave in but she informed me that if I ever wanted to repaint the room that I would have to do the work myself.  Yes,  I kept my word and repainted the room years later.  My childhood bedroom experience was both exciting and memorible because this was my first paint color choice EVER. Looking at all the updated photos bring back lasting memories. 

I hope they inspire you!

Look at this room, can you believe how powerful the entire room is in honeysuckle.  This decorator even included the window coverings!  Note that there's no pink present in the furniture (at least in the photo), I love the touches of cobalt blue with the pink.


If the over all wall color is a little too much for your taste, pick up the new color in accessories.  Here is an example of a throw on the end of the bed bringing out the color in the art work and bedding.

I've painted my share of walls but my magenta room will alway rate as one of my all time favorites.
             It's a happy color and you will always feel like your at the "party"!
Give honeysuckle a try and party like you've never partied until 2011!

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