Monday, March 17, 2014

What Would Ellen do?

Back in May 2013, both Cote de Texas and Elle magazine featured Ellen and
Portia's home. While pondering ideas for our outdoor area,
I thought to myself, "what would Ellen do"? 
 These chairs photographed under the amazing trees appear to have an adjustable back.  
I love the thick dark charcole cushions mixed with the wood....
We want a sitting area on the deck but finding confortable furniture is a challenge.
 We've found one in Georgetown but it's in a dark wicker I perfer the lighter color. 

I continue to like the distressed table with wicker chairs, this would be ideal placed down by the pool.
I wouldn't mind these lounger chairs...
(This particular photo was from a previous home, 
it's a much more contemporary home than the horse ranch.) 
Awe... so that's what Ellen did!
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