Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Yummy

Once the dining room direction changed it became clear that our recently painted living room & kitchen had to change too.  If you recall I originally painted the walls in the living, hallway and kitchen in Pumice a light gray by Restoration Hardware.  After living with the color for several months, I realized during the evening hours the color appeared blue causing a cold feeling.  Also, you know how one decorating edit can cause a domino effect! 

 During a recent visit to Jennie's home we spent our time reviewing colors.  She was looking for a true gray/beige.  Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore was a color that stood out above the others.  As we evaluated each color Jennie pointed out which colors had a green, pink, purple or blue hue to the base.  We agreed Revere Pewter was true neutral.  I have since researched the color further and found it's one of BM's most favorite colors.  It's also included on Candace Olson's go-to color among her selected color palette.
I immediately sampled the color on our walls, Gary's response was, "yummy".  I have decided to paint the living, kitchen, hallway and utility walls in Revere Pewter.

Here are examples of the yummy Revere Pewter.

We think you should try Revere Pewter too!
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