Monday, July 11, 2011

Does it cost just a little more to dream big?

The Waterworks Empire bathtub is the winner for my dream bathroom. 
It oozes romance, pleasure, sophistication and traditional all into one.

Here's a better photograph, the tub is placed perfectly in front of the beautiful large windows.  A touch of gold sparkles from the chandelier above. 
Couldn't you soak in this perfection for hours? 

This design has clean lines and traditional style that I so appreciate. However, it's almost too traditional. I would love to see a major silver crystal chandelier hanging or a large drum shade for balance.

Image Source

This style is a little too mix matchy.

Below is the winning Waterworks Empire tub photograph for my dream bathroom. The marble surrounding the tub floor to the ceiling is magnificent.  The gray tones in the marble compliments the gray walls peaking from the top of the marble.  The black window frame adds additional formality topped with the unexpected casual window covering showcases the bathtub.
It's clean, simple and amazing.

It doesn't cost anything to dream. 
It's when dreams become reality, it cost just a little more to go first class.

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