Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blake Krause - Dillon Kyle Architecture

   Blake graduated from the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston in 2006. After graduation, he began his career with
 Dillon Kyle Architecture.  

Dillon Kyle is involved in creating design of both commercial proprerties and
residential homes. The firm utilizes materials of all sizes and shapes within any budget.

From time to time Sunday Loft will be featuring these incredible projects.
First on our list is a home from the current DKA portfolio, the Tupper Lake residence. 

The exterior of this home is so attractive!
 The brick used for the chimney and columns adds to the charm. 
This brick was re-used from the previous home on this lot.

The Tupper Lake home was designed for a family and lifestyle of 6. 
It's hard to believe from this photo but the home is occupied by 4 boys!


  The interior is neutral and grays which create a bright and airy feel.

The sophisticated library has a mixture of old and new styles.

I love the painted gray sliding farm doors

The stunning hardwood floors continue throughout the kitchen. 
Notice this kitchen does not have traditional closed cabinets. 

Let's take another peek into the kitchen.

The office has a white washed ceiling, light natural stained walls
and dark flooring. The mixture of the different wood tones flows beautifully.

Check out these windows. They are functional and visually handsome.

I want to jump up in this bed, don't you?

The attention to detail is showcased in the master bathroom especially with the abundance of molding. 

I hope you enjoyed our first DKA tour!
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  1. To this day the Tupper Lake residence has been my favorite project of DKA. Each room is full of so many neat little details, and I see something new every time I look at those pictures. It's both warm and sophisticated- I would move in in a heartbeat. Great first pick for the "home tour"!